When the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced today (Dec. 7), Red Hot Chili Peppers were among the honorees along with Guns N’ Roses, Beastie Boys and others. RHCP frontman Anthony Kiedis commented on the induction, calling it both emotional and a great sense of achievement.

Rolling Stone talked to Kiedis, who divulged that his first reaction when he heard the news was to call his dad. He had to swear his dad to secrecy since the induction wasn’t public knowledge just yet but it was hard not to share the good news. “I guess it’s just something that you want to share with the people that you’re closest to, like family and longtime friends,” says Kiedis. “My dad cried.”

Kiedis said the most emotional part for him was thinking about original RHCP guitarist Hillel Slovak, who passed away in 1988. “There was something about going back and thinking about something that we started in a living room with Hillel Slovak,” explains Kiedis. “Because he’s no longer with us, it seemed emotional and beautiful … It’s really kind of his induction that I’m most excited about.”

When asked about what former band members might attend the induction ceremony, Kiedis was quick to say that he didn’t think that former guitarist John Frusciante would come, saying, “I can’t imagine that he would, but it’s a ‘you never know’ kind of thing.” He continued to say that Frusciante would be welcomed with open arms, as well as former drummers Cliff Martinez and Jack Irons for their contributions to the band over their career.

In summing up his final thoughts on the news, Kiedis said that the reality of being honored for doing what they love to do “fills [his] heart with love” and his brotherhood with Flea has never been stronger.

Congratulations to Kiedis and the Chili Peppers!

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