Bring on some serious Christmas cheer by turning your yard into a winter wonderland with real snow. December has finally arrived and people are planning their holiday get-togethers. With so much time spent away from loved ones during the pandemic, people are going all out to make sure their gatherings are bigger and better than ever.

Party hosts can buy all the decorations, plenty of delicious food and drinks, and even get the jolly big guy there in the bright red suit but there's one way to make your fiesta the perfect winter wonderland- with snow. And you may not be aware you can hire a company right here in El Paso to turn the desert landscape at your home into a white Christmas.

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Vicencio's Ice offers a snow-making service and the company even has snow specialists ready to help turn your snowy dream into a reality. If your yard has a hill, renting a snow machine could turn that average grassy knoll into a snowy slide. No need to take your sleds to White Sands to go sledding, you could sled right there in your front or back lawn. I'm not sure how much it costs to buy snow but the lasting memories your family will have probably make it priceless.

A few years ago I went to Disneyland and they were advertising that there would be real snow falling down onto Main Street to finish off the parade and I was so excited to see some of my favorites Disney shops with a light dusting of snow. Instead, I was disappointed there was only a few small snow machines attached to light poles that were throwing snow in the air. Most of the "snow" melted before it even reached the ground. I think misters would have left the pavement wetter. They should have rented with Vicencio's. For more information on bringing snow to your home, work, or event, you can call Vicencio's at 915 203-4678.

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