Ever wondered what a Burning Man dance party looks like from the sky and in the heart of it all? Check out this awesome new video from this year's festival.

If GoPro ever needed an awesome new commercial, I think this video would be the perfect one to use. The video starts with a GoPro camera on top of a drone flying high above the 2015 Burning Man festival. The video shows the intricate design of the campers and the dance parties. At one point, the high winds seem to knock the camera off of the drone and it plummets hundred of feet into the heart of the festival. A festival goer sees the camera and picks it up, to show it the glory that is Burning Man. The camera then records the people, the sights and the two beautiful women dancing on top of something. The description of the video says that someone turned the camera into lost and found, and they found this video on it.

After the video was put online, viewers immediately began questioning the authenticity of this video. There are several factors that make one think it could be staged, like the different camera angles and the way to drone happens to be found and carried through the crowd to show how awesome it is. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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