Some guy in a Grinch costume stood outside an Amarillo grade school holding a sign that said, “Santa is Fake”.  Below that, the words “Jesus is Real”.

10. The Grinch (2018)

Parents confronted the Grinch and the principal told parents the man was “unwanted and uninvited”.  Police couldn’t do anything, however, because they say the Grinch was standing “lawfully on the sidewalk”.

The man, David Grisham, is actually fairly well-known for this kind of antics. Well known enough that his group, “Repent Amarillo” has its own Wikipedia page.

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“Repent Amarillo”, according the Wikipedia, is a “small group (of street-preachers) who advocate for…targeting specific locations…in order to exorcise demons from those areas”.

In addition to the sign, GrishamGrinch was also admonishing parents to “stop lying to your kids”.

Yeah. He’s THAT kind of a-hole.

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It’s not just Santa that Repent Amarillo has a beef with.  Some of the other demon-possessed things Grisham and his ilk protest: Catholics, Buddhists, Wiccans, Episcopalians, and anything even remotely “gay”.

But, he really, REALLY hates Santa. Here’s a video of him “condemning” a Santa Claus piñata and then “executing” it. You know, real mature spiritual depth.

So, I guess Fox News has been right all along. There really IS a “War on Christmas”. It’s just not being waged by who they think it is.

Grisham and Repent Amarillo also went viral a few years ago for his attempt to burn a Quran in a city park. He “attempted”…because at the last second, a 23-year-old skateboarder zoomed by and yoinked the book off the grill! He later presented the book to a local imam and was awarded a medal by Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

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