Found a little weirdness for you today!  (I know, weirdness? In Rock??  Well; it happens.) 

First up, Rock's head horror hound has a thing for java it seems.  Not talking script here; Rob Zombie has launched his own line of coffee. (Insert "WTF" here)  It's true, here is a description of the coffees I found at 

Rob Zombie French Roast Organic Whole Bean Coffee description: “Our deepest and darkest roasted coffee. This 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified French Roast offering has a surprising characteristic that you’ll notice when you purchase whole beans — a hint of speckle. This is because we artistically blend our French Roast with a moderate percentage of different roasts, producing a complex taste profile that no other French-style coffee has in existence. Savor the deepness.” 

Rob Zombie Peru Organic Whole Bean Coffee description: “From the tall peaks of the Andes to the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin, Peruvian coffees are as distinct as their birthplace. Featuring 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified beans, this incredible single-origin coffee supports the battle against social and environmental challenges. Medium-bodied with a tangy fruit finish, our lively Peru has been hand-crafted to realize its complete flavor potential.” 


All-righty then.  I think I'll stick with Coors Light and the occasional shot, thank you.  I never liked coffee anyway, but if you're down for some "Zom-bean", it's out there!! 

Legendary Motorhead frontman Lemmy recently admitted that the sole reason he allowed "Ace Of Spades" to be re-recorded in a slowed down, bluesy fashion was??  Money ....  Go figure.   At least it was for a beer! Not coffee, or Fed Ex .. or yogurt.   Kind of cool the way they did it though, click the link below to hear it yourself. 

Onward, through the fog ... 

The recent story about a Dallas based Def Leppard tribute band seeking a one armed drummer is .. it would seem .. false.  A spokesman for the band "Pyromania" recently said the atorty was a hoax, was cruel and that they (Pyro) had nothing but respect for Rick Allen. Allen lost an arm in a car crash back in the 80's.  Sorry all you hopeful lefties! 

Finally, the weirdest news ... at the moment anyway.  Billy Ray Cyrus is now a rocker.  

Yep, turned in his cowboy hat for a do-rag and banged  his achey breaky head at Sturgis last summer.  Guess he figured that would be the best place to brush up on his sex, drugs and rock n roll skills. That way he can keep up with Miley!! 

That'll do for now. If anything else weird happens .. and I'm sure it won't be long .. I'll let you know!