A Radio DJ is facing backlash for her comments regarding deadly wildfires in the Texas panhandle.

A satellite radio host is facing serious backlash after making a joke about the deadly fires happening in the Texas panhandle. The wildfires have killed six people and not all of them have been contained. Ashley Till is a host on SiriusXm radio's channel The Highway. On Friday, she was giving the weather report on air and was mentioning the wildfires when she joked "BBQ for everyone."

The comment immediately went viral, with many residents affected by the wildfires going to social media to voice their anger with the 28 year-old host. The fires have forced thousands to evacuate, left many without homes, and without their livelihood. The host apologized for her comments but many aren't accepting it. One Facebook user Anthony Diller wrote:

"Here's your BBQ Ashley. $900 a head worth of a man's livelihood gone in a matter of hours. Maybe you'd wish to speak to my two young friends who gave their lives attempting to get their stock away from the blaze. I sincerely hope that your employer finds wisdom to release you form their employ. I speak on behalf of the Texas panhandle when I say that you are a sickening individual."

Till apologized for her comments in a blog post, but many aren't accepting it and are still asking for her termination.

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