If your favorite way of staying fit is running and you enjoy drinking wine you can actually enjoy both at the same time in April. I know, I know, it seems like wanting to do those two things at the very same time is asking for problems. But do not worry because as many know as long as you stay within moderation mixing wine and running shouldn't hurt you.

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But if you still haven't heard the word there is a wine run/walk going down at La Viña Winery this spring. The Wicked Wine Run is expected to take place Saturday, April 2 during a time the weather should be just right if it doesn't rain.

Wicked Wine Run has set up different times for whichever setup you feel more comfortable doing. There is a 5k trail fun run for the fast-paced and a 1k fun walk who like to just cruise it. The coolest part about this is you're able to race through the beautiful vines as well as the trails at La Viña Winery.

There will be vendors, games, local food trucks, a wine festival, and even a live concert at La Viña Winery in Anthony, New Mexico. Plus there will even be a costume contest that will reward the people with the most insane outfit.

The runners will be the first ones to start the Wicked Wine Run which will be at 5:30 pm and the walkers will start at 7:00 pm. Wicked Wine Run's event will end at 9 pm and ALL attendees must be 21 and over.

Roxy Cross shared her Wicked Wine Run experience for everyone to see on YouTube which you can check out directly above. You can get more details about what to wear, awards, the afterparty, and how to purchase tickets by clicking here.

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