Queens of the Stone Age may have gotten the royal shaft at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards and it's something that still stings a little for Josh Homme, as was apparent after the frontman addressed it during a concert in Houston.

Queens of the Stone Age were one of the most nominated rock acts for this year's Grammy ceremony and were called upon to close out the show by Grammy organizers during a highly anticipated performance featuring Nine Inch Nails, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham as well. But not only did Queens of the Stone Age walk away without any awards, they also had their performance cut short at the end of the show while credits and sponsors rolled over the band's performance.

During their recent show in Houston, Josh Homme started some onstage banter with the crowd, teasing, "This next song is by Imagine Dragons," eliciting some boos from the audience. Imagine Dragons emerged victorious in the Best Rock Performance category where Queens of the Stone Age were also nominated.

After hearing a few audience cat calls, Homme continued his commentary with the pointed, "F--- everything. F--- the man. F--- Imagine Dragons and f--- the Grammys." He concluded, "You know we're not supposed to be here with the man's d--k in our hand, you know," before chuckling, "Although there ain't nothing wrong with it." Fan shot footage of the interaction can be seen above.

The reaming of the Grammy experience has been part of an eventful tour for Queens of the Stone Age. Homme also made headlines for his recent dressing down of an audience member who hopped onstage to try to meet with the rocker. Homme pushed the man back into the crowd, called him a "douchebag" and told him he was lucky he didn't f--- him up.

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