Ever wish you could make your entire house smell like Texas BBQ flavored Pringles? Or how about Pigs in Blankets or Cheesy Cheese?

The company behind the chips you can't stop with once you've popped is introducing a line of candles with scents based on three flavors. Before you get your hopes too high at the thought of the delicious scent of Texas BBQ wafting through your abode this holiday season, the company, for now, is only doing a test run of the candles in the UK.

In a press release, a Pringles spokesperson said, “The candles are particularly pungent, so we might need to scale back on the odor before unleashing them on a mass scale next year," Mashable reported.

Pringles says the candles could be released to a wider audience in 2016 if the limited release goes well, so our fingers are crossed.

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