We all have co-workers that don't do their share right?  Their excuses can be stupid, crazy or flat out hysterical.  At least this former mailman was honest!

A United States Postal Service employee in Oregon named Alex Douma did not deliver almost 1,000 pieces of mail.  Police found the mail piled up on his porch.  Not the brightest guy I guess but, at least he was honest about why he did it. When questioned, he answered that he "just got lazy."

Douma added that he never planned on keeping the mail, saying that he set aside the mail because he

“felt pressured for time” while working in a job that required him to sort, scan and deliver mail.

Douma was charged with "mail obstruction", sentenced to a year of probation and fined $500. What was your best excuse for blowing off something at work?



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