Pornhub Insights is once again showing us what kind of porn tickles America's fancy.

Pornhub Insights has quickly become one of my favorite sites to go on to find out strange and interesting things about people and their fetishes. Not to mention their campaigns to raise money for environmental issues, breast and testicular cancer research and even college scholarships.

Pornhub is a porn site with a purpose.

Pornhub is the biggest porn site out there and because of that, they are able to gather and analyze all the porn viewership information. Insights is how we see what the world is in regards to their porn.

This month, Pornhub Insights looked at the top searches and top categories of porn in the United States.

Apparently Texas is big on the lesbian thing.

When looking at the top search terms, lesbian searches were the most popular in the West, Midwest and East Coast. "Ebony" and "black" searches did better in 3 Southern states, "step mom" in Alaska, Washington, Kentucky, New Hampshire and "Asian" only did well in Hawaii. Check out the entire map below.

When looking at entire categories, "lesbian" was still an extremely popular choice in the same states that chose it as their top search term. However, the top category was teen instead, with 19 states having that as their most viewed category. Across the South Eastern part of the United States and in New York, "Ebony" came in as the third choice.