We finally find out what exactly is at the center of these tootsie pops.

Police in Texas say they found 600 pounds worth of methamphetamine-laced lollipops. Police say they were investigating a burglary when they made the find, worth almost $1 million dollars on the street. The lollipops were homemade and melted into different shapes including Star Wars and Batman. They were discovered inside a home in the Houston area when police were responding to a robbery call.

A neighbor called police when a home was being robbed, and when police arrived they found a man and woman stealing the lollipops for the home. At a press conference Lt. Ruben Diaz said there were so many lollipops the thieves couldn't close the back of their car.

Police said they believe the drug lollipops were made inside of the home and that the female subject lived in the home at one time. Check out photos of the lollipops in the Facebook post by the Harris County Sheriff's Office below.

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