Since the beginning of the City of El Paso's Stay Home order, El Pasoans have been told to, well, stay at home. Sadly, there's a lot of people who aren't listening. People in the borderland are unemployed, working from home or deemed "essential," during the COVID-19 pandemic. The only times that people are venturing out is to get more home supplies, groceries or to get take-out. Is staying at home all the time boring? Yes. But is it necessary so we can open up our city again? YES.

Louisiana Governor Edwards told KNOE News telling residents of his state to stop making grocery store trip into a family activity, something we have seen here in the Sun City far too much. Stores like Sam's Club, Home Depot, and others are now limiting the number of people allowed inside at a time so your family of 6 is now taking up more space and forcing people to wait outside and form lines. Social distancing is made even harder when children are running around a store while you're trying to grab your essentials and get out. If two adults are in your group, have one stay in the car with the kids while the other shops. Help our city keep the number of COVID-19 cases down and help save lives.

If you're a single parent and have to take the kids shopping that's understandable. Stay-at-home orders have limited child care options for many parents so you may be forced to take your kids with you. But if you have teenagers or another adult that is able to stay with home they should. This could give you more time to get in, get out, and get back to your home as safely as possible.

Our very own local TMZ, aka the FitFam Instagram, has done a great job calling out people for not abiding by the city's rules and not social distancing. The faster we listen to the stay at home order, the quicker we will be able to see the flattening of the curve and start discussions on how to reopen our city.

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