Sometimes taking vacations to visit other cities or other states can be a wake-up call. When you leave El Paso to visit another area code will sometimes make you realize you're behind in times.

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For example, when you visit New York you will realize the fashion there is totally different. If someone were to dress like a New Yorker in El Paso they would probably be looked at as a weirdo.

Well, it seems El Paso is a bit behind in technology since we still don't have the things other places have. My friend Felix Payne visited Las Vegas and had to try a unique vending machine he couldn't believe existed.

In Las Vegas, you can be able to order a slice of pizza from a vending machine. He didn't really have any complaints about the taste after ordering a slice from the vending machine.

But you don't have to worry about heading to Las Vegas to try it for yourself. Instead, you can just stay in Texas and order a slice of pizza from the Basil Street Kiosk.

If you want to learn more about the pizza ATM just refer to FOX 7 Austin's YouTube video above.

Whether you visit San Antonio, Austin, or Fort Hood, you can order a slice from the pizza ATM. This has got to be the quickest way to order a pizza if you ask me.

Once you order a brick oven pizza it will take about 3 minutes compared to how long it takes at other places. Just imagine the people who are craving pizza after a late night of partying, they would love this.

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