Foody lovers always get excited when Thanksgiving comes around. There are different types of people who have their favorite part of the extravagant meal. I have always had a hardcore love for the side dishes that are part of a Thanksgiving meal. When I would help cook on Thanksgiving I would take care of the side dishes every time. The sides I would cook are green bean casserole, broccoli rice with cheddar cheese, stuffing, and asparagus.

I always enjoyed Thanksgiving just because of the sides and wasn't excited for the turkey or desserts. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and friends of mine are excited for the pies while others for the turkey. There are different ways to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving from roasting to smoking it or deep-frying it. Of course, there are a variety of pies to choose from when it is time for dessert. I am curious what is your favorite part of the meal on Thanksgiving day is. Let me know in the poll down below on whether you enjoy the sides, turkey, or dessert.

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