Every party spot is bound to have a fight occur but which location has the most fights break out? When you have gone out to Cinci East, West, and Union Plaza who do you think has the most fights?

I remember the days I use to go out to all those hot spots and remember a lot of fights breaking out Downtown. Sergio Melendez recorded this fight that happened Downtown with two women that you will see above. The times I didn't go out with my friends when they would go to Cincinnati West, I would hear about a stabbing or worse. It's crazy how you never know what could happen on a fun night out. I know a lot of bad things happen at other locations than the three I mentioned above. In 2016, someone I knew was stabbed and run over at a bar on the Eastside that doesn't exist anymore. Thankfully, he survived the brutal stabbing and is alive today doing well. But someone else I knew was stabbed many years ago at Cincinnati West and also survived that horrific night. I haven't gone out partying for a long time and was curious what hot spots you think have the most fights.

Let us know what hot spots have you heard about that has the most fights in El Paso down below!