Trump 2019 Rally

On February 11th, President Trump held a "Make American Great Again" campaign rally. It was filled with tons of people who are looking for a way to help President Trump build his wall. President Trump also introduced his new slogan, "Finish the Wall." Some guests joined President Trump such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. to help pump up the crowd before his big entrance.

The crowd welcomed President Trump with a crazy roar of excitement, as he waved and soaked up the energy. He then began his speech to rally up his supporters for the wall, support against Democrats and the "fake" news. Some protestors were taken out of the crowd as they waited until their perfect moment to interrupt Trump.

As the speech and excitement ended, many El Pasoans made their way home stuck in traffic like crazy but nothing SUPER CRAZY even happened. We thank you for keeping it calm, El Pasoans.

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