Thankfully no one had a cow with this brave Texas man testing Petco's regulations. The Petco in Houston truly stands by their motto "all leashed pets are welcome" at the store. Vincent Browning and Shelly Lumpkin put Petco's motto to the test. They made sure to strap a leash on to Oliver, their African Watusi and see if he would be welcomed. Come to the couple and Oliver's surprise, Petco staff and customers were very welcoming. Usually, in a situation like this hell would be raised by customers and staff. In this case, it was actually quite the opposite effect at a Petco in Houston. You can see in the photos that Oliver was having a grand time as well as his new fans. Let's just cross our fingers that corporate didn't raise any kind of hell with the staff. Vincent Browning just gave us an excuse to call Petco's or any other store mottos bluff. Doesn't this just give you the urge to test that theory at our local Petco's?

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