I know what's coming next!!

Monday, I posted that Pearl Jam had started a countdown on their website and every PJ fan in the world (including me) started speculating.  What was going to happen when the countdown hit zero?  Tour announcement? New music? New members? An official PJ cookbook?

When it finally got to zero, the announcement turned out to be tour dates!  Closest date to us is Phoenix, November 19th. Full list below! Then, it freakin’ reset.

It hits zero tomorrow and, this time, I know what's coming.


I believe it's going to be called "Mind Your Manners".  I know it's coming tomorrow and I PROMISE I will play it for you the second I get it. (Probably about 1:00-ish.)

Listen tomorrow around 1 to see if I'm right. In the meantime, enjoy this Pearl Jam (unplugged) flashback!

10/11 — Pittsburgh, Pa.
10/12 — Buffalo, N.Y.
10/15 — Worcester, Mass.
10/18 — Brooklyn, N.Y.
10/19 — Brooklyn, N.Y.
10/21 — Philadelphia, Pa.
10/22 — Philadelphia, Pa.
10/25 — Hartford, Conn.
10/27 — Baltimore, Md.
10/29 — Charlottesville, Va.
10/30 — Charlotte, N.C.
11/1-3 — New Orleans, La. (Voodoo Music + Arts Fest.)
11/15 — Dallas, Texas
11/16 — Oklahoma City, Okla.
11/19 — Phoenix, Ariz.
11/21 — San Diego, Calif.
11/23 — Los Angeles, Calif.
11/24 — Los Angeles, Calif.
11/26 — Oakland, Calif.
11/29 — Portland, Ore.
11/30 — Spokane, Wash.
12/2 — Calgary, Alberta
12/4 — Vancouver, British Columbia
12/6 — Seattle, Wash.

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