The student and the Master both went back to work yesterday. One did well, one did not.

The 'Pats first game with Cam Newton under center went well with them looking as polished and formidable as ever. Cam made the first Patriot touchdown of the season and his first as a Patriot, running the ball in himself. They looked good and Bill Belichick seems on his way toward another amazing season. They have and will always be my team so, yep ... I'm pretty happy today.

I, as well as most Patriots fans, also have a lot of love and respect for Tom Brady so, his season opener was watched closely and it was disappointing. I'm certainly prejudiced when it comes to Tom Brady as he is the G.O.A.T. and whatever his reasons were for leaving the Patriots, I wish him well. His opening day pretty much sucked though and it wasn't all his fault. He also scored the opening touchdown himself but, from there it was pretty much all downhill. He threw 2 interceptions but, for the most part, he seemed ok. That sub-par opener was mostly, in my opinion, the fault of his teammates who seemed confused, ancy, undisciplined, and even cocky. As usual, Brady's reaction was humble and he took the blame but, I really felt the 'Bucs believed having Brady guaranteed a win. They need to get themselves focused on doing their jobs, get in synch and lose that cockiness.

Also, in Brady's defense, he was facing Drew Brees. A veteran quarterback who not only knows Brady and his style well but who also led an experienced and well-oiled machine of a team that wasn't cocky and was focused. If anyone can turn things around t's Brady but, if he doesn't, things do not bode well for him, his team, or his stellar record.

Final score; New England get an "A" and the Buccaneers get a "D-". It was only the first game though, there's still an entire season ahead and it's way too soon to make any assumptions about anybody.

I'm also pretty sure Brady, as always, has cards he 'ain't showing.

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