To be honest, I thought Ozzy's house would be more gothic and gaudy or at least dark and foreboding. I almost pictured them living in a house reminiscent of "The Munsters". Nope, not at all, their house is actually quite bright and "normal". However, there is one room that features bats, crosses, daggers and even an Ozzy doll. See if you can find them in the pictures below.

Of course, this isn't the house where the hit MTV show "The Osbourne's" was filmed. That Beverly Hills house was sold in  2007 to, believe it or not, Christina Aguilera.

This is one of many houses that Ozzy and Sharon have owned in California. At the time when this house was on the market for $12 million they also had a Malibu beach house on the market. The two houses were only 15 miles apart.

So what about this Ozzy house in the exclusive Hidden Hills, California gated community? The Cape Cod-inspired mansion, built in 2001, sits on a 2.5-acre. After Ozzy and Sharon bought the house they did a major renovation and actually reduced the number of bedrooms from seven to three. I know that sounds weird, but they wanted to make room for enormous walk-in closets, in addition to his-and-her bathrooms and home offices.

According to the L.A. Times, they bought the house for a little over $12 million in 2007 and sold it for a loss in 2012 for $11.5 million to Jessica Simpson. Huh, who knew she had that kind of money.

Don't feel bad for the Osbourne's for taking a loss on this house, they have several more all over the world so I'm pretty sure they are going to be okay financially. After all, Ozzy's worth an estimated $220 million.



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