After 30,000 photo attempts and two years of being on the loose, the "bowel-movement bandit" has finally been captured on camera. Residents of Akron, Ohio have been terrorized by the mysterious pooper, after finding feces on 19 cars, but they have finally obtained footage of the guy in action.

Akron Police are asking people to help them catch the bandit, after a worried resident released an image of the man squatting over the hood of a car and looking directly at the camera. 

Police aren't sure if this guy is a menace or has mental issues. The neighbors have told police that they the incidents usually occur in early morning hours of 3:30 and 5:30 a.m. The guy leaves gifts inside neighbors cars, sometimes smears it on windows and on outside toys and slides.

The man who filed the most recent police report has been attacked by this guy on six different occasions and hopes this image will help make the madness stop. He has been on the run since May 2012, so it's about time Ohio's streets are cleaned up.