March is well known as the month of Spring, setting the clocks ahead, St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras. But there are so many other observances that take place in the month of March. Here’s a partial list along with ways we (maybe) are going to celebrate them.

  • March 1-National Dress in Blue Day.
    The cause is rectal cancer awareness so, obviously, we’re all going to dress in brown. I mean, blue!
  • March 1-World Compliment Day
    We’re going to take turns giving each of our MoSho coworkers a compliment. Easy! But, they can’t be of the back-handed variety. Impossible!
  • March 4-National Grammar Day
    Everyone takes a turn drawing attention to there biggest grammatical pet peeve. Mine is when people mix up “their”, “there” and “they’re”. UGH! It makes me SO MAD!!
  • March 6-Day of the Dude
    White Russians, playing nothing but Creedence, and spreading Donny’s ashes on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
  • March 8- International Women’s Day
    In honor of women everywhere, Joanna and Lisa will do the show solo while Buzz and Brandon stay home and “do housework”.
  • March 13-Donald Duck Day
    None of us wear pants for the entire day
  • March 20-Great American Meat Out Day
    Brandon and Buzz don’t wear underwear and leave their zippers open (note to self: check to see if the HR position still hasn’t been filled first)
  • March 21-National Single Parent Day
    Support single mother’s: go to strip club after the show.
  • March 22-International Day of the Seal
    Play “Kiss From a Rose” on a continuous loop for 4 hours.
  • March 27-Quirky Country Song Titles Day
    Write a song called, “See You In T…ijuana”. Try to trick Faith Hill into recording it.

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