There is a park in the Northeast that is considered a hidden gem to some locals.

Hell, I have lived in El Paso all my life and never heard of or knew about Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park. That is the park that is featured in the picture below.

If it wasn't for scrolling through Reddit or the Reddit user Yendog who shared the picture, I would have never known about the park. Yendog shared a photo of the new artsy installations.

The new designs set up at Heinrich Memorial Park remind me of something you would see as part of a Dr. Seuss prop.

New on the Northeast from r/ElPaso

After Yendog shared the picture of the new art installations another Reddit user mentioned that park doesn't have enough love. When you visit other parks around El Paso they have different fixtures set up all around.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad to see a few art installations up than none at all at Chuck Heinrich Memorial After seeing how beautiful this park really is, it is definitely on my list of places to take my kids.

When you visit the same old park quite often it can be boring and calls for some new sights.

Well, after checking out some images of the park on Google, it looks quite peaceful and beautiful.

Once the weather heats up and almost everyone is vaccinated I will be taking my kids to Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park in the Northeast. I already know my son is also going to say the park's art installations have Dr. Seuss feels. Let me know if you've ever visited Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park in the poll below.

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