Guess women can't walk all over town topless anymore.

North Carolina has introduced a new bill clarifying that State Law prohibits women baring their breasts (So I guess they're closing down all the strip clubs). Informing that they can use pasties or duct tape (well, that fixes everything ... get it?).

House Bill 34 will make it a Class H Felony for the exposure of external organs of sex of excretion including the nipple or any portion of the areola of the human breast.

Rep. Rayne Brown who co-sponsored the bill says:

"there are communities across this state, there’s local governments across this state, and also local law enforcement for whom this issue is really not a laughing matter."

She also states that what prompted the bill in part was Asheville's 2nd Annual Topless Protest & Women's Rally. (Mind you, Asheville is approximately 130 miles from where Brown is AND they drew a total of a dozen women to bare their breasts to promote womens equality. That's a lot of people, glad they're setting this bill up now before it gets out of control.)

Now, I've been to Raleigh, NC and its a super small town and I didn't see them having a duct tape shortage.

Depending on the amount of exposure, women could face up to 6 months in prison for an errant areola, so ladies make sure that duct tape is really on there. Now, this does not include breastfeeding ... hmm ... I already see a way out of this one, so guys don't even think about it.

As for Rep. Tim Moore, he says:

"You know what they say ... duct tape fixes everything."