**UPDATE -- Nonpoint claims they meant there's no interest from El Paso clubs, not 'there's no interest in El Paso'. It's all just a matter of prepositions and phrasing. See now how those carefully crafted responses matter? "No El Paso date yet, but we're hoping to come there soon." At least Nonpoint fans can rest easier now knowing they may have interest in El Paso, but aren't finding a venue that is willing to bring them. Want to change that? Contact venues like Tricky Falls and request them. In the meantime, they've been invited to play KLAQ Balloonfest. Let's show them some interest, El Paso!**


El Paso may be pulling in bigger bands than ever before, but that doesn't change Nonpoint's interest in us.

When announcing their Texas tour, one KLAQ fan mentioned they didn't have an El Paso date, to which they responded, "No interest in El Paso."

Ouch. Really? Usually you'll hear, "El Paso isn't scheduled at this time, but keep checking back," or "Hopefully we can add you soon," or some other carefully crafted version of a white lie that doesn't convey the sentiment, "We don't like you."

So really, Nonpoint? Is El Paso not good enough for you? Because we're good enough for Rob Zombie, Volbeat, Slipknot, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Green Day, The Pretty Reckless (your labelmates), All That Remains (your labelmates), Sons of Texas (also your labelmates).

So we don't get it, Nonpoint. What gives? Hit us up and tell us why you lost love for us.

Hat tip to James Johnson for the heads-up.

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