Have you even wondered if you were being put to death in the state of Texas what your last meal would contain?

Condemned Texas Prisoner Laurence Russel Brewer ordered a 7 course meal and never took a bite. To see the full 7 course meal and watch the complete story, Click on link below.

I got to thinkin that if I had one last meal before being executed it would have to be:

1) My Moms Lasagna (She passed away many years ago so maybe they couldn't execute me)

2) 5 Gallons of milk (Whole, who really cares at this point I just want to see it all rush out)

3)Machaka from Lucy's with the salsa!!!! (because it just kicks azz!!)

4) 3 orders of Chicken Fried Chicken. (Just love that gravy)

5) Speakin of gravy, Biscuits and gravy from the same place you get the above chicken.

Except for a pack of smokes and a bottle of Jack which i believe they won't let me have, this is my death wish meal. El Paso, and others, If  you were being put to death, what is your final meal?