They were asked anyway.  No word yet from Kurt though as to whether or not they'll do it...

The mascot for Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic and State University) recently wrote a letter to several celebrities and sports figures, including Nirvana, asking them to record a short message to Virginia Tech students for Homecoming week.

Adding insult to injury, this rock trivia genius also seems to think that Nirvana (who broke up after Kurts death in the early 90's mind you) is a girl. Check out the letter little Ms. Mascot wrote:


Her folks must be so proud.

The letter was sent to the Sub Pop record label and they, being ever mindful of their bands fans, did indeed arrange a video for Virgina Tech.  They're cool like that!!

From all of us here at KLAQ as well, a loud and hearty:

Let's Go Hokies!!