Wednesday May 22, 2019 comedian Nico Adjemian has agreed to do the latest internet challenge: the “Hands in Pockets Fall”.

Nico has signed on to fall face first into the floor from a standing position while keeping his hands in his pockets the entire time. He is doing this in exchange for the princely sum of $43. That breaks down to $20 from Buzz, $20 from Brandon and $3 from Lisa.

Here’s the inspirational video that got the ball rolling on the Hands in Pockets Fall Challenge…

$43 is nothing to sneeze at so we, the financial backers of this challenge, have a few stipulations

We noticed the guy in the video didn’t keep his knees 100% rigid when he fell. It looks like his slightly buckled knees gave him an ever so slight cushion from taking the full brunt of the fall on his face. I think it would be fair for Nico to buckle his knees but ONLY AS MUCH AS THE GUY IN THE ABOVE VIDEO DOES. That is, hardly at all.

The idiot in the video seems to be falling on some kind of laminate flooring, possibly linoleum. Nico will have to fall on a similarly hard surface. Our studio floor which is very thin carpet over concrete should work nicely.

If he removes his hands from his pockets or uses his knees too much…he will have to do the challenge all over again.

That all seems fair. We’re going to do this live on the air but we’ll also video it from multiple angles. Also, you can always check us out live by watching our video stream on Facebook. Search for “Buzz Adams Morning Show” on FB.

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