That’s right! The Morning Show’s Nico Adjemian just singed a HUUUGE deal with Amazon. For just $9.99 a month he gets unlimited access to thousands of movies and original series AND gets free next-day shipping on select Amazon purchases!

OK, that’s my joke version of this story. Ha! Ha!

The truth is much funnier. Last year Nico acted in a comedy short that ended up being titled “Politically Correct Neighborhood of Mr. George”. And, yes, Nico play the titular role of Mr. George. Well, that show has been added to the line-up on Amazon Prime. The listing on Amazon describes the show thusly:

“A politically incorrect spoof of children’s programming featuring a bigoted host, his oppressed co-host and a variety of twisted puppets. Definitely NOT for children”.

So, if you’ve been on the verge of subscribing to Amazon Prime but the new “Jack Ryan” featuring Jon Krasinski didn’t quite do it for you, I’m sure Nico Adjemian as “Mr. George” will definitely do the trick.

Here’s the teaser/trailer for Nico’s new show on Amazon Prime.

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