Holiday traditions will be a lot different this year due to the pandemic, so many of the annual festivities you enjoy may not be happening this year.

It's hard to imagine a bunch of people getting together to go caroling around your neighborhood, and it might be difficult to hear them if they wear masks. Still, there are some Christmas and holiday traditions you can enjoy.

One of those traditions is either driving or walking around your neighborhood to see some of the fabulous Christmas light displays on various houses.

The Nextdoor app is helping you to find out which houses have decided to decorate so you can make a game plan of which houses you need to go and see.

The Nextdoor website is the neighborhood social media site that people use to discuss various topics that affect you and your neighbors. I enjoy using the site to find out if there is any suspicious activity happen I should be aware of, and to see if anyone is selling anything good down the street. I found some really great potted plants and a table on the site before.

Nextdoor has a new feature called the "Cheer Map," where you can see what houses in your neighborhood have decided to decorate the front of their houses with Christmas lights. You can put on the map if your house will be decorated so people in your neighborhood know to drive or walk over to see your sparkly, holiday handiwork. I love this feature on the website because it makes it easy to see what houses are the "not to miss" houses in your neighborhood. Check out the Nextdoor website to see what houses have Christmas lights this year.

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