Eve To Adam recently finished up a new vid!!

The latest single from Eve To Adam now has a video partner to go along with it!  "Immortal" is the song from their latest cd, "Locked And Loaded".  The song totally rocks and the video kicks azz!  (The cover does to ... with a "smokin' hot azz"!)

Here's how Artist Direct described Eve To Adam:

Eve To Adam channels the reckless swagger of Guns N’ Roses with a vocal bravado a la Pearl Jam…

Sounds about right!  They are also a great live band, if you ever get the chance to see them be sure and take it.  They are as over the top live as they are on the CDs'!

Listen for the song this Sunday night during Q Connected at 10:00 pm, right after Loudwire radio on 95.5 FM, KLAQ.  Check 'em out on their facebook page as well!

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