If there's one thing to love about TikTok is how it gives you an inside look at other people's cultures. And now, a huge new TikTok trend is actually something that I'm certain most El Pasoans have done!

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I'm not entirely sure how it started, all I know is that one day I opened up TikTok and my "For You" page was filled with videos of this trend! The new TikTok trend? Well, check it out below.

@stevensushi is one of the original founders of this trend and it's a fairly simple trend- get yourself a big chicharron and a tub of some guacamole and enjoy- preferably in your car.

A chicharron, for those who aren't sure what it is, is a fried pork rind; made of either pork skin or pork belly. It's delicious and when combined with guacamole it's a flavor explosion.

Well, it didn't take long for the trend to go viral and soon, it was copied by many other famous TikTok creators!

Many were trying it for the first time ever were venturing out to their nearest grocery store.

The original creator eventually realized that everyone was doing it and found it funny that it became a huge trend.

While he did get backlash for claiming to start the trend, many felt like he shouldn't be taking that credit because he was just eating what many other Hispanics already know- chicharrones and guacamole go great together!

While many of us here in El Paso already know about the chicharron and guac combo- for many on TikTok it was their first time seeing anything like that! We're sharing our love of food around the world and this trend was a great way of doing so- so go forth and enjoy those chicharrones with guacamole!

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