There's a new "fail' in the hunt and a new clue!

I recently posted a blog about buried treasure in New Mexico.  In that post, I explained who put it there, why and gave you all the clues you need to find it!  (I'm just cool like that!)

Be careful while you're hunting though!  A Texas lady recently had to be rescued during her attempt to find the treasure.  Chanon Thompson got lost several miles into the Santa Fe forest and spent a couple of days and nights in below freezing temperatures.

(Apparently, she went hunting alone. Kind of a big no-no right there.)

Luckily she's ok and ... obviously ... didn't find anything so, keep hunting guys!  The millionaire who buried the treasure, Forrest Fenn, recently added another clue to the previous ones.

He said;

Don't look any place where a 79- or 80-year-old man could not carry a 42-pound box.

There ya' go ... that should zero you right in.  Go get it!!

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