A new ordinance, requiring masks for all New Mexicans when out in public, kicks in tomorrow.

As of tomorrow, (5/16/20), everyone in New Mexico must wear a facemask when going out in public. The only exceptions will be when eating, drinking, exercising or due to medical conditions.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham made the official announcement last Wednesday and also made several other changes. Those include limiting the number of people allowed in retail outlets, limiting the number of staff members allowed to work together in some businesses, and also limiting the number of people gathered together in houses of worship. For more information on these latest changes, click here.

Among the other recent changes recently made by Governor Grisham, several state parks in New Mexico have also reopened and they as well have had to make a few policy changes. During her most recent press conference, Governor Grisham demonstrated how to fold a cloth mask and announced a plan to ensure that all New Mexicans in need would have access to masks.

This latest round of safety mandates ... which, I'm sure will be followed up by more as the COVID 19 pandemic rolls on ... was partially sparked by a recent update which showed that:

Over the last two weeks, in the “Preparation Phase,” the state has seen continued statewide spread of the highly contagious virus. As of Wednesday, New Mexico had 5,364 reported positive cases and 231 reported fatalities associated with the virus, with 62 fatalities reported in the last week alone. Two hundred New Mexicans remain hospitalized. - governor.state.nm

Keep all this in mind if you plan on visiting any of our northern neighbors like Las Cruces, Chaparral, Alamogordo, Anthony, etc, etc.

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