Today was the deadline that was set for TikTok to divest from it's Chinese parent, ByteDance. Remember earlier this year when Trump was really mad at TikTok and wanted to ban it? It may seem like forever ago, but that was definitely earlier this year and now it seems like everyone, including Trump forgot about TikTok. I mean, who could blame him? He has bigger things on his mind.

As the only one on the show how uses TikTok, today was a day that was marked on every TikTok users calendar. For now, it looks like TikTok is here to stay, but honestly, if TikTok wants to continue it needs to stop the foolery! There's a new trend I'm seeing a lot of on TikTok and it makes me want the app to get banned!

We all remember the "Tide Pods Challenge" right? Where people were taking the Tide Pods and biting into them. That resulted in the videos being removed from all social media platforms. Then, earlier this year, as TikTok gained more users, people were "ballin' on a budget" and filing down their teeth with a nail file! That resulted in dentists collectively facepalming and warning everyone not to try it. Now, people are trying something new: smelling salts. Like, they're actively smelling smelling salts!

Smelling salts are a combination of ammonium carbonate and perfume used to restore or stimulate your senses. For years people used smelling salts to help revive people who have fainted or passed out- then athletes started using them to help boost performance during a game. Now, people are smelling the and recording them for 15 second videos on TikTok and it's definitely making me SMDH. (Shake My Damn Head)


Did I laugh? Yes. But then, I was immediately concerned! While there aren't any short or long term effects to smelling salts (yet!), I don't want to sound like a party pooper but this challenge is dumb. Don't do it Gen Z (because we all know it's you!) As a millennial, I do not approve. I've reached the age where I can blame a younger generation for something dumb!

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