Texas is rolling out a new look for driver licenses and concealed carry permits, otherwise, known as LTC’s.

If you have a Texas driver license, a Texas ID card or a license to carry, you can expect a few changes in the look of your IDs. For one thing, the material the ID’s are made from is changing to a polycarbonate that is harder to copy. They'll also have laser engraving to prevent peeps from altering or forging them.

According to the El Paso Herald-Post, the new cards will also have:

an identifier on the front of the card for those who have a health condition that may hamper their ability to communicate with others. The new design will also identify veterans and disabled veterans, along with their branch of service, on the front of the cards. Additionally, the new card features meet the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators national standards.

Check out the new look here. The new LTC cards will have similar new features. Whatever ID you have now is valid until its' expiration date. When you renew, you'll get the new version(s).