This should be a lesson to dog moms and dads who leave their pet inside a running car. Now there is proof posted above as to why you shouldn't.

There are people who leave their dog in the car without it running, which is bad. Period. Then, you have those that think it's okay to leave them with it on. That is STILL a big no-no! Especially after you witness how this hungry dog was the cause of a car accident.

If you hide any kind of food in the kitchen then you shouldn't leave bacon grease on the dashboard. This man assumed his dog wouldn't do what actually happened above. This man stepped out of his truck to pick up some food he ordered to go. He figured a few minutes wouldn't hurt his best friend while the truck is running.

Well, this hungry dog actually drove the truck into another car! Can you blame the dog though? Bacon grease was left on the dashboard of the truck with a hungry dog. The good thing about this is the dog wasn't under arrest after his driving accident! C3SM has the footage of the police officer writing up something and see the dog chilling on the passenger seat.

After watching this you may reconsider leaving your dog in a running vehicle for your insurance sake.

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