It's a simple scheme. You pay for one streaming service. Your family and friends pay the others, and you all share passwords. Everyone wins, right? Wrong, Netflix knows you're doing this and they want it to stop.

A Netflix exec said this week that they are 'monitoring' accounts they believe are being shared. Are they going to ban you from Netflix? File charges? No. They actually quite sure what they're going to do yet. All they've said is they're looking into 'consumer-friendly ways' to prevent people from sharing passwords.

Netflix does already have built-in rules to keep this from happening. Depending on which plan you buy, you are limited on how many simultaneous streams going. The standard $12.99 plan is capped at just 2 devices streaming Netflix at once.

Netflix hasn't said whether or not they'll be taking any action, just that they're 'monitoring' accounts they believe are being shared.

If you're planning on sharing a Disney+ password when that streaming service goes live in less than a month, it might be more difficult. It's believed that Disney will have tigher restrictions than Netflix and that Disney is hard at work on 'piracy mitigation' and will:

implement business rules and techniques to address such issues as unauthorized access and password sharing.

It's not known what exactly Disney has in place to prevent password sharing, but that they will be looking to prevent it.

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