Juaquin "El ChapoGuzman is bothered as anyone else would be about not getting a percentage from the Netflix series based on his life story. He contacted his lawyer so his lawyer could contact the people who are responsible for giving him his cut.

Complex News brings you the report on the latest with Juaquin "El Chap" Guzman with his lawsuit. Netflix and Univision came together to co-produce the series on "El Chapo" showing the lifestyle of a drug lord. The series is supposed to air sometime this year but if it does Netflx will immediately be sued. Which hasn't it already been airing? Since he is still among the living they need Mr. Guzman's authorization. Andres Granados who is Juaquin's lawyer, made a statement that they are open to a negotiation. Another one of Juaquin's dislikes about the series was that it made him out to be an uncaring a**hole. It's not a surprise that Mr. Guzman can still try to arrange a deal behind the bars.

I don't think we would be surprised if "El Chapo" actually is granted his share while behind bars.

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