Netflix and Seth Rogen teamed up together to pull off this hilarious April Fools' joke on us yesterday! Netflix turned to their Twitter account to fool over 4 million of their followers by changing their header photo.

Netflix uploaded a photo as their header on Twitter that displays Seth Rogen with a message that states "Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen." Not only was their header a surprise but their tweet about a unprecedented movie. Netflix sure does have a sense of humor if they're acquiring the most hilarious man on Earth. This isn't a complete joke though and you will be able to distinguish the truth from the hilarious lie. If you're bummed thinking it's a complete lie, don't fret! Seth Rogen actually will be joining Netflix in his new comedy special Hilarity For Charity. It was nominated for Best Sketch Comedy Program or Series for Canadian Screen Award. Netflix sure did get some feedback from their followers about this April Fools tweet!



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