Got a bit inspired by Q-Roticas kissing contest Friday night.

If you missed Q-Rotica Friday night, you definitely missed quite the party ... but not to worry, we have posted pictures and a video of three sexy ladies making out so you can feel even worse that you missed it.


So what better way to go on ... naming my Top 5 Favorite Celebrity Lesbian Movie Kisses.


Starting at #5: Megan Fox & Amanda Seyfried - Jennifer's Body

These two lovelies play best friends and have a little sleep over fun.



#4: Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly - Bound

Just out of prison, Gershon moves into an apartment building as a painter/plumber. Things head a different direction when she and Tilly plot to steal $2 million mafia money ... and of course have a little girl fun in between.



#3: Sarah Michelle Gellar & Selma Blair - Cruel Intentions

A movie about rich kids and a revenful teenage Gellar in which she uses Blair to get revenge on an ex lover. In the process, she has to teach her how to kiss like a woman.



#2: Denise Richards & Neve Campbell - Wild Things

One of my favorite movies (not only because it was filmed in Miami), where two teenagers Richards and Campbell accuse their High School Counselor Lombardo (played by Matt Dillon) of rape. Turns out the rich girl (Richards) and trailer trash (Campbell) whom were known not to like each other... were actually a little more than friends.



#1: Angelina Jolie & Elizabeth Mitchell - Gia

If you haven't seen it, its definitely a must (not only because Jolie is fully nude in several scenes) but its the true story of supermodel Gia Marie Carangi who died from complications of aids at the age of 26.




So those are my lovely favorite top 5 lesbian kisses. Which one is your favorite?!