Ok, the long awaited Guns N' Roses concert has come and gone. If you listen to me on the air you all know how excited I've been since finding out this tour was coming to El Paso.

I have been waiting over 25 years to see a concert from a band I never thought would happen was the "Thrill of a lifetime"! I remember buying to tickets to concerts when I was younger in my years. The excitement my friends is still there, but I think working for KLAQ for the last 8 1/2 years and witnessing a ton of my favorite bands in concert has driven away some of it.

This show was absolutely beautiful from the weather, to the stadium all the way to my fellow rocker's about to witness the concert of the year for the Sun City! The band was in top form all the way from hitting the stage on time to every single note played.

My apologizes to any of you out there that wasn't on hand to witness one of the best rock bands in history. Next time maybe they'll be in town to support a new album! Below is a video of the concert in parts, enjoy!





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