Fans around the world were saddened when news hit that Little Richard had passed away at age 87. In my house, we of course knew who he was. "Tutti Fruitti" and "Good Golly, Miss Molly" were staples at the Barbacoa family parties. His music playing ensured that the party had started.

Now, it should come as no surprise that for me, growing up in the 90's, "Full House" was one of my favorite shows. When I heard the news of Little Richard's passing, I immediately remembered of the episode where he guest starred as Denise's uncle. If you don't remember the episode, it's episode 23 from season seven entitled "Too Little Richard, Too Late." In it, Joey is running for PTA president to help save the art program at Michelle's school. Elsewhere, Uncle Jesse's tickets to see Little Richard are ruined by his twins. Throughout the episode, Michelle's friend Denise insists that her uncle, who is in town, can help Joey and perform at his pre-election party. It's not until later that Denise's uncle shows up that we find out, her uncle is Little Richard!

Later in the episode, Little Richard performs with Jesse and the Rippers at the Smash Club.

"Full House" always did a great job of showcasing some great music, like when the Beach Boys invited the whole family to sing "Kokomo" with them! But this Little Richard episode is one of my favorites and shows how his passing expands to different generations, as well as his music.

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