The Don Haskins Center has seen some truly outstanding concerts throughout history. I haven't been able to see every single show (the one I regret not going was Rush in 2011 but oh well. These are ones I've been to personally & these have been my favorites:

In 2019, Metallica rocked the Haskins on February 28th. Best part of the show was it was LITERALLY one day before my 26th birthday. Seeing one of the greatest metal bands & Jim Breuer getting the festivities started was a riot.

And the thing that made it perfect? Playing Marty Robbins' El Paso IN El Paso. Talk about perfect...

Another one I remember fondly was the Carnival of Madness in 2012: Bad Medicine, Cavo, Chevelle Halestorm & Evanescence.

But to me the highlight was during Halestorm's set; when Amy Lee joined Lzzy Hale on stage for Break In. I don't cry at shows but that was one of the few times I did...

I will always remember the Fire From the Gods/Bad Wolves/Three Days Grace/Five Finger Death Punch concert from 3 years ago in 2019. It wasn't the first time I saw 3DG or 5FDP but seeing them in the Haskins; it just made everything so much better.

Also hearing the crowd sing Zombie all together? Still gives me goosebumps...

Two of my favorite concerts actually happened earlier this: seeing Volbeat & Ghost for the 2nd time in February on the 28th. (Yes I'm aware some of these shows happened right before my birthday and they're on the list). The best part was actually meeting Tobias Forge BEFORE the show. That's something I'll never forget.

Finally seeing one of my all time favorite bands, Iron Maiden, was absolutely a highlight in my life.

However I couldn't leave off my favorite concert memory; my very first one! Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I've seen them multiple times but the first time was back in 2005. That was the first time I went to a show & I got a poster AND a guitar signed by the band.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

With plenty more shows coming to El Paso; we're bound to get many more amazing concert memories to share with everyone.

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