As news hit yesterday that Burt Reynolds passed away the tributes started rolling in. Mr. Reynolds was 82 years old and it's reported that he passed away from a heart attack. He had heart problems for awhile (he had open heart surgery in 2010) and according to his rep, he was very frail lately and was in and out of the hospital.

I decided to take this time and remind you about my favorite Burt Reynolds appearance: The Golden Girls! In the second episode of the second season titled "Ladies of the Evening" Blanche wins three tickets to a post-premiere party that's to be hosted by Burt Reynolds. Unfortunately for Sophia, she's the one who is forced to stay behind. Also happening at the same time, their house needs to be fumigated so the girls decide to make a weekend out of it and stay at a hotel on the beach and leave it to Blanche to find the perfect one. Once they're at the hotel, the audience gets to see that the hotel is actually a place of prostitution. Before they leave to the movie, they decided to got to the hotel bar when suddenly all three are arrested for prostitution. Sophia comes to bail them out and when none of them agree to give up their ticket so Sophia could go she takes the tickets and leaves them there.

The next day back at their house, Sophia is bragging about her evening at the party and how Burt loved her. The girls, still furious that they missed the party and spent a few hours in jail are pouting on the couch when the doorbell rings and in comes Mr. Burt Reynolds giving the best line of the episode; Bert: "Who's the slut" and simultaneously Rose, Blanche and Dorothy answer: "I am!" RIP Mr. Burt Reynolds.

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