Somehow it seems like there are no more standalone movies anymore. Movies now have sequels, prequels, or they come in sagas and it feels like you have to constantly keep up with where the story goes. Sometimes, movies have a great way of rounding up the story in three or maybe even four movies. And sometimes, it just ruins it for everyone.

I'm a huge fan of what is called the "Insidious" movie franchise. The first one was amazing, the second one was okay, but that third one killed it for me. Same with the "Conjuring" movies. There's only two in the "Conjuring" movies, the first one was so well done, but that second one was just not good. From "The Conjuring" we got the "Annabelle" movies and then "The Nun" and while I love scary movies, some of them just felt sloppy. A lot of people may have enjoyed them, but I, unfortunately, did not.

A huge franchise that always comes up when you ask "what needs to be ended?" is usually: "The Fast & the Furious" at this point, I'm not even sure how many movies there are. I think eight, with a ninth instalmment coming soon, the last one I watched was the fifth. It even spawned a spinoff starring Dwayne Johnson's character, Hobbs. I think after Paul Walker passed away, the story should have ended.

I'm having trouble actually thinking of a movie franchise that was so perfect, because even the ones that seem perfect are kind of flawed- looking at you "Harry Potter" movies! Here are some movies that killed their franchise, according to our listeners.

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