Ok, I didn't actually "rock" it ... but I had fun!!

95-5 KLAQ rox!! Time again for Motorcycle Monday, brought to us by Santa Teresa motorsports at 910 Livingston. Super easy to find .. take Country Club to the Rio and they're right there next to it. Street dirt, two wheelers, quads not to mention parts, accesories ... they have everything!! Not to mention the Victories .... sweet bikes, American made and the prices are incredible!! Stop in and see for yourself!!

The nationals start next weekend, and I can't wait! Outdoor tracks are less "sculptured" than the Supercross tracks. I think they're cooler .. definately more demanding to race! Kenny Roczen .. fresh off the big Vegas win last week .. did really well at Glen Helen this weekend! It was muddy, but that didn't slow Kenny down!!  His fastest lap times being  just over 3 minutes and one just under 3!! What does that tell you about the outdoor tracks?? (The fastest Supercross track times this year were well under 1 minute!!)


Glad to see he's keeping busy until next weekend!! Once the nationals begin, you'll hear more familiar names. I also will .. eventually ... begin incorporating drag racing and maybe even superbike into these, now that Supercross has wrapped up for '11!  Read more and check out some pictures at supercross.com!!

Not to mention local events!! I got a good ride in myself this weekend with my girls! My Baby and my daughters took turns on the bike with me; riding up to Ruidoso and back. It was great! The ride AND the overnight stay. We were at Ruidoso River Resort, an AWESOME place. If you ever go up there, stay at Ruidoso River Resort!!! Full kitchen, huge rooms, fire place .. nice!! You can even pet deer, mountain lions and a wolf!!  (Because they're staues!!)  Coming back, we took the cut through to Cloudcroft, then back down the mountain and home!! A GREAT weeekend or even 1 day trip. If you've never done it you should!  Even in a car it's nice .. on a bike it freakin' ROX!!!  I'll put a couple of pictures up later this week. I kinda forgot the camera today.


That's it for Motorcycle Monday this week ... short and sweet! There will be a run locally this weekend and you KNOW I'll have the lowdown on that for you later this week.

Have a great one and ride safe everybody .. if you don't ride, watch out for those who do. Bikes are small, sometimes hard to see so look twice!! 3 times even!!  We've already lost to many bikers to in-attentiveness!

There it went .. the fastest couple of minutes in radio!! Motorcycle Monday brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports and KLAQ!!

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