Fernie and Emily played a generational trivia game against Buzz Adams. There was a twist. The game was played like Russian roulette but with a balloon. The contestants' who gave an incorrect answer would then pull the trigger on the gun. A loser was named once the balloon popped.

Buzz Adams was asked questions about today's generation. Fernie and Emily were asked questions about Buzz's generation like; Name all of the Beatles? Find out who lost the generational trivia game.

For more fun videos then check out the KLAQ YouTube Channel. Speaking about balloons. Join us for the 30th Annual KLAQ BalloonFest out at Wet N' Wild Waterworld in Anthony, Texas.

We have a lot of bands coming in to performer. Also, dozens of hot air balloons will ascend each day*, plus special shapes including Darth Vader and Master Yoda will also inflate each morning. Attendees are welcome to walk onto the TFCU Launch Field for a close up look at the hot air balloons.



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