I wish I could have gone to the Morrissey concert last night and sing along to my favorite song "Suedehead". At the concert in El Paso some drama went down. Check out the post for details and the video!

Apparently he delivered an amazing set at the Plaza Theatre in El Paso but during the show things got out of hand and Morrissey had to stop the show and walked off stage.

In the video you can see Morrissey trying to calm fans in the front row, when out of nowhere a crazed fan and attacks him with a hug or a choke hold. I'm not sure which one he was trying to go for.

But Morrissey is too delicate to go on with the show? This isn’t how Morrissey is supposed to quit. Morrissey is supposed to quit over some stupid stuff like an audience member in the front row sipping non-vegan beer.

In my head I pictured Morrissey gasping, throwing the back of his hand over his forehead, arch his back and jazz walk stage left (which he totally did) as the lights dim to a slow cue and a red velvet curtain drops. That’s how a melodramatic queen goes out!

This comes days after he was attacked in LA by another fan, after hugging a few other audience members. There's certainly reason for his security staff to be cautious after this.

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